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Champion Alliance International Holdings Limited (company name changed on 20 March, 2019, formerly known as “Mengke Holdings Limited”) is principally engaged in the  production of metallised packaging paper for  cigarette package manufacturers and has an  operating history of more than 10 years. Under the new economic situation, the Group will diversify business with paper production and products, new energy operation as the core business and strive for providing products with high quality. We will uphold our core value of "Hundred-year Brand, Hundred-year Foundation".

Stable economic development in China as the growth engine for paper products industry. Private consumption market of China has become the second largest in the world. The Chinese economy has entered a new development phase and the structure of consumer spending is being upgraded to be more development- and enjoyment-based. In recent years, the paper product market in China is expanding gradually and the prospects for the coming years are bright. The growth rate of household paper product market basically aligns with China’s GDP growth rate. This stable and continuous growth of the economy and the substantial increase of income of the people are bringing a massive room for the development of paper product industry and abundant business opportunities. We have more than 300 distributors in China covering 500 million consumers in the provinces in Northern China, Northeast China, and Eastern China. We are planning to explore the key regional markets like Central China, Southern China and Southwest China. Our partnering brands are widely recognised in China and have been chosen as the “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” in consecutive years.

With the economic development of urban areas and industrial parks, the demand for heating has been continuously growing. On the other hand, combined heat and power production and central heating are developing steadily, and the total installed capacity is also climbing. Meanwhile, heat supply for urban areas and industrial parks has become more focused on franchises. The Company’s new energy business (steam for industrial use and heating and electricity) is relying on a professional technology management team of a heating and electricity company which has integrated services packages for high-efficiency clean coal technology, clean production, energy saving, and environmental protection. It is the leading solution to the problems caused by the unreasonable heating supply structure, the contradiction between supply and demand of heating and electricity, and low energy efficiency with high pollution of heating supply in urban areas and industrial parks. The company's new energy business will help the national clean energy industry to transform and upgrade. It is committed to promote the "energy revolution" and build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system.

Looking ahead, Champion Alliance Holdings will continue to build a quality brand and step up its efforts to strengthen its market position and broaden the coverage of the sales network. We will continue to improve the research and development works of our products and expand our production capacity to extend footprints to new markets to meet future needs. Meanwhile, we will further expand our consumer market business and create greater value for our shareholders and society in the long term.

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